T4T Global Missions was established to support the global ministry of Ying and Grace Kai. After their retirement from the IMB in January 2015, the invitations from church leaders all over the world continued to flood in requesting Ying and Grace to come train their people in T4T disciple-making and Church Multiplication.

Onward Ministries, Inc. in Fishers, Indiana USA, provided the vehicle of T4T Global Missions so that Ying and Grace could continue their powerful ministry wherever God would lead.

Many of the places of deepest need cannot afford to bring Ying and Grace, but they have always accepted God-led invitations whether or not they can be reimbursed for their expenses.

Ying and Gary

Pastor Gary Stump of Onward Church writes, “God is using Ying and Grace to make an enormous impact for the kingdom of God all over the world…in the US, Canada, Central America, South America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. Seeing the Lord at work through them was God’s invitation for us to partner with them, so that their ministry might continue. We simply cannot allow a lack of funds to keep our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world from receiving the training that could transform their communities.  We have committed substantial funds available for their travel and ministry expenses, and are inviting others to join us in supporting them so that we all might have the blessing of participating in this incredible work of God.”

100% of the dollars given to T4T Global Missions are available to Ying and Grace to provide funding for their ministry.