T4T is an acronym for Training for Trainers. It is a process of Discipleship, Evangelism, Group/Church Formation, and Leadership Development that was developed by Southern Baptist missionaries Ying & Grace Kai during their time in China. The results of implementing this process led to phenomenal growth of new disciples and church plants throughout the entire region and has sparked Church Planting Movements world-wide.


The book “T4T A Discipleship Re-Revolution, written by Steve Smith with Ying Kai, tells the story behind the world’s fastest growing Church Planting Movement and how it can happen in your community!



For a brief explanation of T4T, please read this Mission Frontier article.

 Unlike traditional discipleship programs, we believe that new Christians should be trained to “get on mission” immediately. We do NOT believe that new Christians must accumulate lots of knowledge before they can begin to reach out to their lost friends and family. We refer to this as OBEDIENCE-BASED discipleship instead of KNOWLEDGE-BASED discipleship.

Using the process known as T4T (Training for Trainers), new believers are taught how to share their faith story and how to present the Gospel to anyone. They are then trained how to pray and have daily devotional time with God and to read God’s word for themselves. More importantly, they are equipped to teach others how to do the same. Training can be done one-on-one or in a group setting.  Discipling new believers continues for months or even years but preparing and encouraging them to start living out the Great Commission immediately is our desire.